Who we are

We are a national team of Cyber Specials and Cyber Volunteers, policing against cybercrime.

What we do

We prevent crime and victimisation.

Who we need

We're recruiting friendly ethical hackers.

How can you help

Think you've got what it takes? Become a Cyber Special or Cyber Volunteer today.

Who We Are

Cyber Specials and Cyber Volunteers are the core of the digital community with high levels of technical expertise joining policing in their fight against cybercrime.

The resulting ‘cyber special’ and ‘cyber volunteer’ (CSCV) programme has been recognised as a significant opportunity to augment police capability against the growing threat from cybercrime. CSCV’s are now deployed within the digital investigations teams in a number of UK police forces. Furthermore, adoption of the programme as good practice is being driven through national bodies such as the Home Office Cyber Crime Policy Unit and the National Crime Operations Coordination Committee. Now with joint policing and government oversight, the cyber volunteer arena has gone from strength to strength and CSCVs are delivering new capability that is bridging the gap between the police and the evolving cyber criminal.

What We Do

  • Prevent crime and victimisation

  • Provide a better service to the public, especially the most vulnerable

  • Increase policing effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy in a digital reliant society

  • Develop partnerships with industry, academia and other sectors

Who We Need

Focusing on individual offerings and recruiting friendly ethical hackers has allowed us to access industry expertise that we may historically not have sought or not have been in a financial position to recruit. Leveraging individuality and passion has been the key to obtaining the very best the industry has to offer driving technical policing capability at a local and national level.

A National Team of digital specialists (NPRT) has been created to support the response to more serious threats to policing and government. Centre to this are individuals who want to protect vulnerable people and pursue

  • Dark web / TOR and internetwork experts

  • Antivirus Network analysis & security

  • Bitcoin / Crypto currencies experts

  • Data encryption & decryption experts

  • Digital Intelligence and open source research capability

  • Malware & ransomware experts

  • Research and Development of new capability and technology to disrupt the criminal community

How Can You Help

To Support the CSCV programme we need industry to work with Law Enforcement. Join the Employer Supported Policing Programme and allow your staff paid time off to join the CSCV programme. Engage with Law Enforcement by running cybercrime seminars and share intelligence and information about criminal activity. Report cybercrime and supply important intelligence to allow law enforcement to pursue the cyber criminals effectively.

Become a Cyber Special or Cyber Volunteer by joining your local police force, get in touch below to find out more.

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